The Natural Mystic Fair

Divine Madness 

Ndaba! (to gather together to listen-Zulu)

Ndaba Natural Mystics,
We have come full circle again family. It’s our 7th annual Natural Mystic Fair! We are returning to zero point to go deeper into our collective healing of Divine Madness ❣️

Are you ready to do the work least done, in fact rarely even acknowledged….?

Get ready to explore 3 days of magic 🌟 

Throughout the 3 day Natural Mystic Fair we will have healers of all modalities, conscious music and performers, as well as creators and practitioners working their magic.

NMF Day One ~ The Libation ~ Sept 10th

Friday we journey to Cascade Springs Nature Preserve for an Ancestral Community Gathering featuring tribal music drums & dancing.

NMF Day Two and Three ~ Sept 11th &12th

TRR’s back yard garden will be 2 days of healing with practitioners and healers of all modalities with vending booths of gourmet vegan food to sample and purchase, mindful merch vendors, conscious speakers and enlightening entertainment. Attendees enjoy fresh vegan cuisine and learn about the growing vegan movement.

This year we explore the meaning of
Divine Madness and the initiations of the inner and outer realms of being ‘Spiritual’, ‘Conscious’, ‘Woke’, ‘Psychically Sensitive’and ‘Empathic’?

Mental Health …and the effects of PTSS( Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome)& PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)producing TMS*(Toxic Melanin Syndrome)?

Well-Being … and what it means to merely Exist, Survive and Thrive in sustainable balance through SELFULLNESS* (being self fulfilled)?

“Ndaba”….We invite you Natural Mystics, to listen, observe, contemplate, dance, experience, apply, receive and heal!
This seventh year promises to be another positive empowering experience of magic an enlightenment like never before!

Want to join us?

Practioners / Vendors

If you are a Natural Mystic Practitioner, Merchandise Vendor or Raw Food Chef press the button to apply.


If you are sponsoring the 2021 Natural Mystic Fair press the button to apply.


If you are volunteering for the 2021 Natural Mystic Fair press the button to apply.

Master Chef Tassili Ma’at

Culinary Mystic ~ Founder of The Natural Mystic Fair

When we are finally at a place where we are constantly healthy on all levels, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, then we are whole integral beings. We have the potential to be masters of our destiny. Meaning we’ve not only figured it out, we are consciously choosing to align with the natural purity at all times. We are also then able to help teach others to get it too! We ALL have the opportunity to CHOOSE to become Natural Mystics ~ the Co-Creators of our Destiny!

To view photos from our first Natural Mystic Fair see our slide show below ~ PEACE & LOVE!

First Natural Mystic Fair

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